The losing party pays the winning party based on who guessed the price direction correctly. I find these contracts haram on account they are cash settled meaning there is no exchange of a product or service upon settlement. This is a form of prohibitied Al-maysir in Islam and is therefore haram to transact in.

I have figured this out for bitcoin perps but am struggling with a futures contract with a delivery date. The code for btc the perps is below. I'm trying to get from binance the historical futures prices of the futures contract that expires on the 31st of December 2021.

I saw your video on shorting but seemingly assumed that longing is halal? I hope you’re having a wonderful time. •Are leveraged tokens halal as they are properly defined assets? •What kind of futures are halal?

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Also, btc the manipulation point can be avoided if one is expert enough Use of hedge mode & Stop-loss prevent liquidations in the 1st place 2ndly we can open any position at 2-3X leverage and have decent balance in our account so liquidation is almost zero That way we can’t fall prey to such phantom wicks or bitcoin fake outs Proper risk management is necessary in any business otherwise itv becomes a gamble ! I would love to see this invalidated on account of reasons other than Gambling.

In hedge mode, users can hold positions in both long and short directions at the same time under the same contract. Binance is excited to announce that we have released hedge mode on Binance Futures. The position mode is set as one-way mode by default. Users will now be able to switch between one-way mode and hedge mode in the Preference settings.

If the accounts do get hack, Binance has a special cold storage wallet for users called Secure Assets Fund for Users (SAFU) that provides users extra safety when their accounts get hacked. Apart from being extremely easy to execute, Binance Futures is also extremely secure that makes it impossible for the hackers or any outside threat to hack accounts.

I was hoping to get into Binance's DeFI USDT Index, which I think is through Binance Futures. However, I'm a US citizen. Can US citizens/residents trade on Binance Futures? I'm having trouble finding a definitive answer.

no, maybe at a later time since the US version of Binance is fairly new and has to operate to specific US standards which may change later; there's going to be ETH futures on CME 2/4/21 in addition to BTC futures so hopefully sooner rather than later.

With all of its remarkable features Binance has definitely been just the platform crypto traders needed in order to flourish. There was once a time when a huge number of people were interested to trade cryptocurrencies and get involved with the revolutionary blockchain technology.

Like if I want a house I can't get that without a mortgage especially here in the UK the cheapest house in London being 500k minimum. I'm sure God wouldn't mind us trading futures considering how fucking expensive everything is.

Most of the other signal providers do not even bother to provide their customers with such a report. The report also mentions the trades which did not go in their favor but the difference between the amount earned in successful trades is way larger than the amount lost in unsuccessful trades.

I also would like the viewers to know that often times the counter party to a futures contract is the exchange itself. Therefore they are competing with a party that can determine the outcome of the competition which makes this activity very tough if not impossible to win long-term.

Walaykum Al-Salaam, binance competition is there in any trade. In Crypto market massive wicks are more prevalent because lack of regulation but market makers and brokerages do this in both Stocks / Forex as well, just harder to see because every basis point is worth so much more you have to go to lower time frames.

The real question for me was interest /RIBA Which was not addressed here Does the funding fee include RIBA ? Or Do we pay RIBA in any shape or binance futures form in a perpetual future trade ? If the answer is no, bitcoin then it is technically Halal only if we Open Long positions I would thank you for your efforts in making this video And would be happy if you answer my question JazakALLAH.

You will only be allowed to register to the platform once you have filled in the correct identity verification requirements which is extremely vital to fulfil Binance’s KYC requirements. First you will have to create an account on Binance.

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